Night Sky Photography

Additional Information

Man has gazed in wonder at the milky way throughout recorded history. Venturing into the dark with a modern camera allows that wonder to be captured in image form. Learn how, when and where to photograph the milky way during this hands on workshop.

We will begin the evening in the classroom learning the basics of astrophotography. We will cover camera settings and tips that you should be aware of when shooting the stars. Next, we will all drive out to a private location to get hands on experience with the instructor.

Please be aware that this is a LATE workshop, and you will have to drive/carpool between classroom and the location of the photography site. We will be walking off road/sidewalk after dark. Everyone should wear sturdy shoes such as hiking boots. Long pants are also advisable.

*This class will take place in all weather, rain or shine. Hands on portion may be postponed. 

Topics Covered 

  • An intro to beginner astronomy and what to expect in the night sky 
  • Description of when certain parts of the sky are visible and where the best objects are for wide field photography 
  • Equipment and Exposure settings needed to capture the milky way 
  • How to deal with night time difficulties like focusing and framing 

Required Equipment 

  • Camera – Capable of ISO3200 
  • Lenses – Wide or Ultrawide lens with a f2.8 or faster maximum aperture (and remember, your local camera store has rentals if you don't own one)   
  • Fully Charged Battery 
  • Memory Cards 
  • Cable Release 
  • Tripod & Ballhead 
  • Other Required Items 
  • Sturdy Shoes 
  • Long Pants 
  • Snacks and Water 
  • Head lamp or other flashlight 


This class is designed for all skill levels. The concepts covered are "advanced" but will be presented in a way that any photographer can follow along and will be able to make Milky Way photos after the class. More advanced students will learn advanced tricks and tips for making and post processing milky way photos. 

Schedule and Format 

This is a hands-on, excursion based class. Class will begin in the classroom and we'll spend 90 minutes going over the night sky orientation and learning the various steps to make Milky Way photos. After the classroom portion, we'll drive to a private location. Students will then make Milky Way photos with the help of the instructor. 

* Students are responsible for their own transportation from classroom to and from the private location. 

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